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Set the trend don't follow the pack! says Bradley Carvalho, a compere beyond compare and the mastermind behind this dynamic 'One Stop Shop' for an array of entertainment products. Brad strongly feels that, 'A good compere is the heart of every show', and firmly believes that it is his pivotal role that connects the organisers / hosts and the guests and the responsibility lies with him to ensure both parties have an enjoyable function.

"The greatest ability one can possess is to bring a smile on another persons face", this God gifted ability has been my driving force and thankfully, I have not only successfully been doing this over a decade but more importantly have enjoyed every moment of it. While a good compere is the heart of every show' a great compere breathes life into every function.

My humble beginnings started off by hosting Christian wedding receptions, way back in 2002 and quickly graduated into hosting various Corporate events, Awards ceremonies, Conferences, Product launches, Fete's, Socials etc. thereby catering to a cross section of society coming from every walk of life.

Taking professionalism seriously, I carry my own collection of music along with my own state of the art wireless microphone system The Sennheiser EW 100 G3, thus ensuring preparedness, uniformity and top quality at every event.


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