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Maria (Hindi)

Maria (Hindi)

Maria's music journey is a captivating tale of talent and dedication that began in 2001 at the prestigious venue, The Club Mumbai. Her very first performance on December 31st, 2001, during the electrifying atmosphere of New Year's Eve, immediately surrounded her with the glittering presence of top Bollywood stars.

In 2004, Maria's musical prowess led her to enchant audiences at The Orchid Hotel Mumbai. Simultaneously, she graced the stages at The Lotus Suites, which is now known as IRA by Orchids, and The Meridian. Her melodious voice and stage presence quickly made her a sought-after artist in the Mumbai entertainment scene.

Maria's journey was not confined to one city or country. She ventured to various locations, showcasing her talent in private shows at iconic venues like Aamby Valley, Leela's Mumbai, Taj Mahal Colaba, and several cities such as Indore, Goa, Bangalore, and Chennai. Her ability to connect with diverse audiences made her a music sensation wherever she performed.

Her international sojourn took her to Moscow, Russia, where she graced the stage at a renowned hotel, wowing audiences with her musical prowess for a year. Upon returning from Russia, Maria embarked on a musical adventure in Abu Dhabi, where she mesmerized audiences for five years with her enchanting voice.

In addition to her international endeavors, Maria also left her mark on the music scene in Mumbai, performing at acclaimed venues like The Stables, Blue Frog Mumbai, Hyatt Regency, Taj Lands End, and prestigious Gymkhana clubs, including Bombay Gym and Willingdon Gym.

Maria's journey in the world of music is a testament to her exceptional talent and commitment to enchanting audiences around the world. Her performances have left an indelible mark on music lovers, and her career continues to shine bright.

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