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'Live to Talk, Talk to Live' is the motto that Natasha has perfected to an art.

A PG Diploma in Event Management was followed by working professionally for Corporate Event companies that executed conferences, workshops, summits.

She understands the pulse of corporates, mission statements, strategies, and goals to build suitable activities for team building that will create a sense of purpose and belonging in a fun and interactive manner.

Also performs as a music vocal artist in various five-star hotels across Mumbai.

From corporate events to small celebrations, parties, and ‘live’ music shows, Natasha’s repertoire is varied.

Right from introducing the show, dignitaries and guests, and keeping the flow and theme of the event uppermost, she has the aptitude to hold the audiences’ interest till the very end.

She has an innate and instinctive understanding of the pulse of the audience. She engages, inspires, and infuses enthusiasm and fervour, almost effortlessly. What also stands Natasha a notch above all the others is her impromptu sense of humour that helps form an instant connection and bonding with the audience.

Emcee & Anchor

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