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Nishat Eqbal

Nishat Eqbal

Nishat Eqbal, hailing from Kolkata, is a notable stand-up comedian and writer. With a distinctive comedic style, Nishat has carved a niche for himself in the world of humor. His performances blend observational wit with cultural insights, offering a unique perspective on life in Kolkata and beyond.

As a writer, Nishat's comedic prowess extends to various forms, showcasing his ability to craft humorous narratives and observations. Whether on stage or on paper, he has the knack for turning everyday experiences into laughter-inducing anecdotes that resonate with diverse audiences.

Nishat Eqbal's comedic journey reflects his passion for storytelling and the art of making people laugh. With a hometown steeped in culture and a keen observational eye, he brings a refreshing and relatable humor to the stage. Keep an eye out for Nishat Eqbal as he continues to tickle funny bones and share his comedic insights with audiences.

Stand-up comedian

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