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Pramod Adsule

Pramod Adsule

Pramod Adsule's musical journey extends to various platforms and settings, where he showcases his talent and expertise as a flautist and playback singer. He frequently performs the flute and engages in playback singing at a wide range of events and venues, including five-star hotels like JW Marriott, shopping malls such as Grand Central Seawoods, marriage functions, birthday parties, and private gatherings. His ability to captivate audiences with his musical performances is a testament to his skill and passion for music.

Moreover, Pramod Adsule has his own music band, which adds a collaborative and creative dimension to his musical endeavors. This allows him to explore and experiment with diverse musical styles and genres, creating a unique and engaging experience for his audiences.

Pramod Adsule's multifaceted musical journey, which includes performance, teaching, and collaboration, reflects his dedication to the world of music and his commitment to sharing the rich heritage of Hindustani classical music with a wide and appreciative audience.

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