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The Doctor J Collective Trio

The Doctor J Collective Trio

Kelly and Jarvis have been performing together since 2018 as a duo, and with a common love for music, gin and tonic, and fun retro music, they decided to form Sing and Tonic. Their aim is to create a fun and energetic atmosphere with their music anywhere they go, with tunes from the 70’s and 80’s to the most current radio hits.

Kelly Dlima, a 23-year-old multi-talented artist from Mumbai, is a singer, voice-over artist, and illustrator. Her musical prowess covers retro pop and jazz, with performances at prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall and NCPA. She's lent her voice to movies and shows, including Trolls and Aladdin. Kelly collaborates with "Sing and Tonic" and is the female vocalist of "The Classic Rock Project." Her international journey includes studying Musical Theatre in New York and performing at iconic venues. A versatile and accomplished artist.

Dr. Jarvis Pereira, also known as DOCTOR J, is an accomplished ENT Surgeon with a deep passion for music. He's a versatile musician, skilled in guitar and vocals, spanning Western and Indian music. Jarvis founded and performed with a successful Acapella Group in Bangalore. He's sung alongside renowned artist Don Moen and contributed as a playback artist for films and Netflix dubs. Leading multiple rock bands, he's a staple in Mumbai's music scene, performing in various pubs across the city.

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