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"Jude Al, is an actor and singer from Mumbai. He has been singing from a very early age and is known for his impactful and energy-filled performances. Possessing a huge vocal range, Jude is a very popular name in the Rock circuits of Mumbai and Goa and has several awards to his credit. He is currently the Frontman for the band - Culture Kings Moreover, Jude also teaches music to children in several reputed institutions of learning and also heads his own music academy called The Vocal School. He has the distinction of being known as the Vocal Coach of the youngest Choir in in India, to sing the band Queens Grammy winning song, Bohemian Rhapsody, live.

Over and above his engagements in films and theatre, Jude has recently launched a new single 'Not your Puppet ', alongside Guitarist Ajay Varma, which is available in all leading music Stores."


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